May Specials

May Specials:

•Heartworm test 20% off
•HeartGuard $3 off per box
•Revolution $3 off per box
•Sentinel Spectrum $3 off per box
•Flea and Tick Preventative $3 off per box

With it warming up outside we definitely recommend pet sunscreen
Consider summer boots - Walk in the morning or when it cools off in the afternoon
Get your water bowls in the shade!
Place fly strips above food and water bowls!
Keep food and water bowls away from Birds!
Outdoor fans are a great idea!
Definitely recommend Flea and Tick prevention!
We recommend Heartworm prevention all year round!
Get your Bronchi Shield vaccine, here come the coughs

Dietary Tips

Dietary Tips

  • Choose your dog food carefully, follow AAFCO guidelines, see our website nutrition page for a complete list of the guideline.
  • Eating correctly affects dental health
  • We have diets on file for the difficult eaters
  • We post two new recipes a month for homemade treats
  • Read sometime about the importance of dental health - plaque and bacteria affect everything, especially general well-being!

Choose a food that is correct for your pet's dental state - don't let someone tell you THEY HAVE TO EAT DRY KIBBLE - they need to eat what will help them eat at a normal pace, chew correctly and thoroughly and enjoy what is in the bowl.

Here are a couple of sites that help animals eat better through a do-it-yourself toy and game system.

  • Remember eating at the correct pace helps the pet in so many ways!
  • Enrich Feeding time for you cat, Make a puzzle feeder
  • Six DIY food puzzles with stuff around the house
  • Why does my cat need a puzzle feeder?

Dental Cleanings and FYI

We have always taken pride in that we offer low-cost dental procedures (ultrasonic scaling and polishing). We have even been asked " why are they so cheap (my least favorite word). During a dental at our clinic, the pet is protected with a thorough exam, high quality sedative, tubes and monitors. We do not feel dentals should be cost-prohibitive. That said, we are going up by $10.00 per dental to cover the increase in cost that we have incurred in dental supplies, therefore' TAKE ADVANTAGE THIS MONTH!!!


The stretchy kitten

On 5.14.19, we saw the Schermetzler family with young Abraham, an 8-10 week old kitten. He arrived with another set of non-healing, self-inflicted wounds, behind each ear and aggressively chewed areas on the lateral side of both back feet. The family stated that he clawed at himself constantly.

Initially, we ruled out the fleas, ticks, ear mites, infections. Other than his significant wounds, his body had no signs of what would cause him to tear at himself so violently. The family was stressed from it; the videos alarming.

We offered to observe Abraham to witness his complete behavior aware that he would be somewhat "different" than at home. That evening Dr. McKnight and I got him out again to look at Abraham and Dr. noticed something very strange- the kitten had an excessive amount of skin, in fact, 3x's more skin on his be back than his body itself measured in height!

He applied a measurement equation to the height and length of the skin compared to his body and diagnosed Abraham with Ehler-Danos, an untreatable condition. All that can be done is to protect the kitten from self-injury to the thinning skin, the skin that gives the kitten the hebee-gebees.

We tried soft paws and cones; he destroyed those as quickly as introduced. We started amitriptyline, no effect. We may try another behavioral meds when he is older. After much deliberation, the family and Dr. M. agreed a four-way declaw was the only thing to protect Abraham from himself.

He is home now and has recovered well. His discomfort remains controlled and we except him to recover completely from a procedure that nobody likes but is sometimes necessary.

We will continue to monitor Abraham & his Ehler's disease, an interesting condition that can be damaging to a pet. As he grows he may wear a body suit to keep from sagging; we will have to see. When the pet itches and no cause prevents itself, check the height if their skin!!