November Specials

  • 10% off Dentals
  • Introducing Veggiedent, labelled for fresh breathe.
  • Oravets Dental chews single doses on sale! 
  • Holiday collars and leashes are here!
  • 10% off of shampoos
  • Excellent price on dog treats
  • Traveling! Sileo for dogs is wonderful
  • Cerenia is available for care (motion) sickness
  • Pets are a bit sensitive to the increase in activity around the holidays
  • Zylkene is an effective calming capsule that will not sedate your pet just knock the ‘ole edge off! Very safe 10% 0ff

Case of the Month

In a Puppy

A young Pitbull puppy came in with a high fever, weak but responsive and no appetite. His vaccines were not complete therefore we ran a parvo test: negative. The puppy was vomiting and dehydrated, soo the client elected to hospitalize her. (Treatment was planned, the fecal was run: negative, leptospirosis: negative.) The pet remained oddly quiet and while he did not want to stand, he was able to. He had to be awakened, didn’t have control of his bladder, eyes would not focus, and different meds were chosen. We focused more on a possible concussion. He also remained febrile, but the dehydration was corrected. Tube feedings twice a day maintained his nutrition and as he improved and his appetite improved. This state continued for 48 hours.

On the morning of the third day, the pup’s front legs were swollen. Ah! Juvenile polyarthritis was suspected and cautious treatment with meds often contraindicated in gastric cases were initiated doxycycline, prednisone and gastrointestinal meds were put on board. Within hours the pup’s fever was gone and he would drink on his own. By 72 hours, he could stand, mentation was better (wagging tail, focusing eyes) and he began to eat. The swelling of the legs dissipated after the fifth day, beyond treatment for this uncommon, although not rare condition! Beware the febrile puppy! Polyarthritis “Juvenile Arthritis”. 

Holiday Helpful Hints

Got company?
Your pet may be more comfortable away from the fray. Provide a quiet place like a bedroom or their crate.
Simply ask family and guests to pet them. Just like us, pets are not required to like someone! If you decide to give them a command to sit still to be petted, only praise the pet if that is accomplished.
Do we have to say let’s not feed them from the table??
During your prep, a few things in the meal may be yummy for their tummy; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, peas, cooked but not seasoned turkey and green beans- Most of you know this drill by now! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dietary Tips

Dietary Tips

  • Choose your dog food carefully, follow AAFCO guidelines, see our website nutrition page for a complete list of the guideline.
  • Eating correctly affects dental health
  • We have diets on file for the difficult eaters
  • We post two new recipes a month for homemade treats
  • Read sometime about the importance of dental health - plaque and bacteria affect everything, especially general well-being!

Choose a food that is correct for your pet's dental state - don't let someone tell you THEY HAVE TO EAT DRY KIBBLE - they need to eat what will help them eat at a normal pace, chew correctly and thoroughly and enjoy what is in the bowl.

Here are a couple of sites that help animals eat better through a do-it-yourself toy and game system.

  • Remember eating at the correct pace helps the pet in so many ways!
  • Enrich Feeding time for you cat, Make a puzzle feeder
  • Six DIY food puzzles with stuff around the house
  • Why does my cat need a puzzle feeder?

Dental Cleanings and FYI

We have always taken pride in that we offer low-cost dental procedures (ultrasonic scaling and polishing). We have even been asked " why are they so cheap (my least favorite word). During a dental at our clinic, the pet is protected with a thorough exam, high quality sedative, tubes and monitors. We do not feel dentals should be cost-prohibitive. That said, we are going up by $10.00 per dental to cover the increase in cost that we have incurred in dental supplies, therefore' TAKE ADVANTAGE THIS MONTH!!!