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Dog Trackers

Dog Trackers

We use GPS in our cars, on our phones, and in so many other aspects of our lives, so why not use it with our dogs? Many pet owners are using chip implants to have peace of mind that they could find their dog if they were ever lost, but GPS devices that a dog actually wears have some added benefits. For one, they don’t have the added stress for the dog that comes with microchipping. A tracker simply gives the pet owner one less thing to worry about, knowing they have an accurate and easy way to find their dog if it’s were ever lost. According to Virtual Dog, a dog tracker gives real time information so you know exactly where they are, rather than the old fashioned way of searching by posting signs or following a trail the dog could have taken hours ago.

Dog-Monitoring Cameras

More pet owners are choosing to use cameras to monitor their dogs for safety. Just like with baby monitors, pet parents can use monitors to make sure dogs aren’t getting into anything unsafe while they aren’t home. Besides monitoring for safety, cameras can let dog owners communicate with their pup. This is great for when pet parents are working late or away on a trip because it lets the dog see and hear their owner, reassuring them and helping both dog and person feel more connected. Pet cameras are a must-have for any dog with separation anxiety because they help ease that transition whenever the owner must leave. Some pet cameras even connect to smartphones and allow pet parents to dispense treats.

Health Monitors

Along with the rise in popularity of fitness trackers for humans has come the increased use of health monitors for dogs. Monitors like the FitBark attach to a dog’s collar and monitor their activity level throughout the day. A smartphone app gives the owner updates on their activity, as well as recommendations for the level of activity they should be getting based on comparisons to other dogs.

The Best Dog Beds

Giving the best bed for the dog’s size and needs is a great way to seriously pamper a pooch. For smaller dogs, Canine Journal recommends getting a bed that is just big enough for them to stretch out in. If you get anything bigger, the dog may not feel as safe and secure. Nest beds are great for smaller dogs because they keep them feeling contained, so they’re cozy and also more protected from drafts. Some big dogs also like to nest. An overfilled oval-shaped bed is the best choice for big nesters to have plenty of space to burrow into. Other big dogs do best with very supportive beds, such as memory foam, so they have plenty of cushion from the hard floor.

The Best Dog Toys

Up their toy game by giving one of the best toys around. Even though they may not be high-tech, there are some amazingly inventive dog toys that keep dogs busy and happy. For the retrievers, ball launchers like the Bazook-9 or the Chuckit! take a game of fetch to another level. And every pampered pooch deserves a treat dispensing toy like the classic Kong, which keeps them active and engaged and can even help with separation anxiety.

Whether you’re going for safety devices, comfort or fun, there’s no need to settle for a basic gift for the dog lover. The recipient will thank you for the extra thoughtfulness, and their human will be happy too.