October Specials

  • Treats are 10% off!
  • All single doses of flea and tick products and heartworm products 2.00 off per dose. Great deal
  • Shampoos are 10% off. Get rid of that old summer hair!

In lieu of our case of the month and specials, we would like to honor Mr. Bubba Reeves of Amarillo, Texas.

Unexpectedly, he left out planet last week, devastating all who knew him. Bubba was the partner in life of one of our senior surgical techs, Jessica Jackson. Bubba was a talented tattooist and artist, as well as a very gentle, compassionate man, who gave a lot of his time to those less fortunate than he. He was a selfless person, a rarity in today's tough world. He was fun to know and he will be missed. Godspeed, big man.

Halloween Helpful Hints

Halloween candy increases gastric visits to the clinics by as much as 15%!
Keep it away from the pets!  
Milk chocolate is NOT okay for pets.
Feed the strays on Halloween night. Goblins can be mean. Provide a simple cardboard box for them to hide in while the street traffic increases. 
Winterize you dog house and prepare outdoor pets  a protection area. Do your best to make a real shelter. 
Allergies increase as leaves fall, grass changes and heaters come on. If your pet becomes itchy-scratchy, talk about antihistamine intervention before bacterial problems show up. Dogs scratch with dirty claws, irritate skin and bacteria flourishes, aka hot spots, etc.
In the normally non-itchy pet, situational or seasonal allergies can be nipped at the beginning before the big vet bill arrives!
Happy Halloween!!!

Dietary Tips

Dietary Tips

  • Choose your dog food carefully, follow AAFCO guidelines, see our website nutrition page for a complete list of the guideline.
  • Eating correctly affects dental health
  • We have diets on file for the difficult eaters
  • We post two new recipes a month for homemade treats
  • Read sometime about the importance of dental health - plaque and bacteria affect everything, especially general well-being!

Choose a food that is correct for your pet's dental state - don't let someone tell you THEY HAVE TO EAT DRY KIBBLE - they need to eat what will help them eat at a normal pace, chew correctly and thoroughly and enjoy what is in the bowl.

Here are a couple of sites that help animals eat better through a do-it-yourself toy and game system.

  • Remember eating at the correct pace helps the pet in so many ways!
  • Enrich Feeding time for you cat, Make a puzzle feeder
  • Six DIY food puzzles with stuff around the house
  • Why does my cat need a puzzle feeder?

Dental Cleanings and FYI

We have always taken pride in that we offer low-cost dental procedures (ultrasonic scaling and polishing). We have even been asked " why are they so cheap (my least favorite word). During a dental at our clinic, the pet is protected with a thorough exam, high quality sedative, tubes and monitors. We do not feel dentals should be cost-prohibitive. That said, we are going up by $10.00 per dental to cover the increase in cost that we have incurred in dental supplies, therefore' TAKE ADVANTAGE THIS MONTH!!!