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Hope Veterinary Clinic, PA focuses on small animal medicine and surgery. We are committed to helping our clients select the best medical decisions for their pets. We believe education and communication are very important in companion animal care. Our staff is a cohesive group of individuals who work very hard to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable while in our hospital. We are focused on the cleanliness of all areas of our clinic. Dr. Faulkner has over 35 years of medical experience and a passion that is essential when facing the challenges of small animal medicine and surgery. Let us know how we can help you. A companion animal can make a great difference in your life and we are here to help whenever you need us.

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Hope Veterinary was founded in 1981 by Dr. David Faulkner and our mission statement is "We support the human-animal bond". Click to learn more!

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Keeping your pets happy and healthy is our job, and our site is full of helpful info, including nutrition, vaccinations, medication, and geriatric pet care.


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Case of the Month

Meet McGregor!

Meet McGregor! This sturdy and adorable little guy came to our clinic in some deep trouble. He was presumably hit by a car and suffered extensive separation and degloving of the skin. The injury began on the lateral side of his hind left knee, continuing up the left leg, traversing the hip area, and continuing uninterrupted down the lateral side of his hind right leg. His tail was disconnected as well. Basically his skin was pulled down like a pair of pants down to the little fellows knees. The injury itself is fairly common when an animal is hit by car as the wheels tend to grab and tear away from the fascia, which separates the back of the skin from the musculature beneath.
The fun factor:
We used a skin graft to cover his tail and walking suture to reconnect the skin making Mr. McGregor’s case outside of the norm!
Mr. McGregor’s people did an amazing job in assuring his recovery went smoothly. They brought him in back and forth on a daily basis while he received hydrotherapy, limb PT and laser therapy! He wore his bandage pants like a champ!

Helpful Hints

Gotta pool? Big or small?
Take high caution on supplies and letting your pet drink the water after pool servicing.
Make sure the pet isn’t left with an open pool. Wading pools are great if they are kept in the shade but should not be the source of their drinking water.
Thinking about a haircut? Go WITH the hair of any coat, don’t strip the coat. Make sure there is water out at all times.
Shade shade shade, it is better to have them inside in a crate all day then outside without proper cover.
Feeding time! Be sure to let them come inside and cool down before a big meal! An hour should work fine.